Thursday, 14 June 2012

First Birthday!

Yesterday it was my little boy's first birthday. He had a lovely day with a visit from his granny and granddad, enough toys to get some good unwrapping practice in but not become dazed and confused, and a scrumptious carrot cupcake with a candle on top.

I also enjoyed the whole affair (to be honest probably more than him!). I spent ages choosing presents I thought he'd love but that didn't cost us more than we could afford (our budget was diddly squat so I did some nifty thrifty with second hand toys) and on the whole seem to have gotten it right. The big box of wooden trucks and cars has particularly gone down a storm (there's even a logging lorry which is great as we are surrounded by forestry) .

The cake I am especially pleased with. Despite being told by many folk that I shouldn't worry about sugar as it was his birthday and he deserved a few treats, I really wanted to stick to my guns. It's not boring to avoid processed sugar, and the babe does have some, nor is it preachy as some people seem to think. I don't want him to develop a very sweet tooth too early and I do want him to learn about lots of different kind of treats, not just sweet ones. That said, there was still sugar in his cake from all the fruit, just no processed stuff.

I went for a carrot and date cupcake, without icing, and it was great! He scoffed his and the adults loved them too. Definitely a keeper recipe. And any kind of cupcake is a good thing, isn't it?

At the last minute, I also made him a birthday crown to wear. Amazingly he seemed to like it, I was expecting him to pull it off after ten seconds but he spent the whole day in it looking ridiculously cute. A little bit of felt and some tapestry thread was all it took and it gave me enormous satisfaction as it's the kind of thing I always plan to do but never get around to normally.

The dog quite enjoyed the presents too...

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