Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Whiteboard Saga...

Recently I have been trying to improve my kitchen organisation. I fixed on my inability to keep track of all the shopping lists I wrote on little bits of paper and decided to get a whiteboard. Very pleased with having such a great idea (but having no budget to implement it Country Living style) I splashed out on a £1 board that came with a special pen and` little magnetic strips to stick it to the fridge. I could now keep a running shopping list that I wouldn't lose.

Or so you'd think.

Firstly, it wouldn't stick to the fridge, magnets or otherwise. It would stick to the microwave but the microwave is also an oven and since the whiteboard is essentially a piece of cardboard, it got alarmingly hot and I had to take it off for fear of combustion. The board then just hung around the kitchen getting in the way.

Secondly, it was patently shoddy quality. One magnetic strip snapped off within a few days. The other was destroyed by the baby shortly afterwards when he dismantled the whole board.

Why did the baby have the board? I had taken it upstairs to transfer the list onto computer as it was a long dried goods list I was planning to turn into a printable monthly shopping check-list (okay, we all go a bit too far sometimes). Before I'd typed it up the babe had a happy few minutes taking the whole board to pieces, snapping off the remaining magnetic strip and wiping 90% of the list off in the process. Refusing to abandon my idea, I mentally reconstructed the list by staring at the smudged remains and then making it up. This took some time and time was running out.

Finished at last as far as I could tell, I attempted to print the list but the computer was plying it's 'sorry captain, but the printer's vanished' game. Had a strop. Restarted pc and went off to fill in the time by fiddling with nappies and finding swimming kit. Returned to find hubby had switched off the computer as we were going out. Had another strop.

I spent the car journey to the supermarket rewriting the list on a scrap of paper and the next few days finding out just how much I'd forgotten.

So what have I learnt?

1. £1 is too much to spend on something that isn't worth buying, though there's always the pen if I can just figure out where the babe's hidden it.

2. Who needs a whiteboard when you have a fridge?

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