Monday, 18 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday (18 February 2013)

This week, milestones are on my mind. On Tuesday I had an MRI scan on the arm where I had a bone tumour removed two and a half years ago, with clear results. This leaves me scan free for the next 18 months which is lovely and the clear results are a big relief.

The day itself was difficult as the scan meant I couldn't breastfeed for 24 hours. It turns out breastfeeding is still massively important to my little boy and he was very distressed, and of course didn't understand why all of a sudden he couldn't feed. Sometimes, 24 hours is a very long time.

This week also sees a milestone for my best friend, whose twin girls have just turned one. They say the hardest year with twins is the first one, and it's certainly been a challenge. I miss living close to her but we work hard at keeping in daily contact and sharing the little details of our lives despite the distance. Good friends are to be celebrated, like good news, especially if your time together is fleeting.

None of that has much to do with food let alone meal planning, but posting about the coming week in food is making me reflective! This week's meal plan is simpler than it maybe looks. Lots of greens, lots of root veg, and a big batch of (hopefully nicer than the last batch) bolognese sauce for the freezer. My freezer is pretty bare and needs so loving attention to stock it back up. I feel like experimenting a little as well (spurred on by my new flapjack variation) hence the mango muffins plan...and my new Meal Planning Monday logo (still deciding if I like it)!

Slow cooked vegetable soup
For lunches, along with sandwiches

Root vegetable and green lentil stew, served with mixed greens and bread
Pepped up with a few dried mushrooms, a splash of wine and some sage

Vegan Sausages, with mash and greens and mushroom gravy
I'm having a go at homemade ones using vital wheat gluten to give them some bite

Roast dinner
Nut and quinoa roast, roasted root veg, greens, Yorkshire puds and gravy

Mushroom pie
If I can get a good deal on nice mushrooms at the market

Spaghetti Bolognese
Too many lentils last time, I need to pin down my recipe and concentrate!

Almond Smoothie
I have a challenge to fulfill, but more on that later!

Mango and quinoa muffins
The boy has rejected my tinned mango so it needs using up

Not had any for far too long and am pining...

What do you think? I might even make a first attempt at my plan to adapt my chocolate avocado pudding recipe into an even healthier super-pudding for baby and toddler plant eaters who need lots of healthy calories, vitamins and minerals. I like a good challenge!

For a looksy at what other people are eating this week, head over to At Home with Mrs B or if you are Stateside, go to I'm an Organizing Junkie 


  1. lentil stew sounds lovely. Would love to know more about the Almond Smoothie too.

    Great news about your results - must be a big relief. Sounds like a horrible 24 hours though - must have been so difficult for you and your boy, but at least it is all behind you now.

    Although I post meal plans featuring meat, they are for the rest of the family - I'm veggie, nearly vegan (spoonful of honey and milk are my only vices) so I'll be checking back regularly for lots of inspiration here as all these meals sound fab!

  2. Hello and welcome! Nice to meet a fellow near-vegan. I've recently pledged to myself to post more of my recipes so hopefully they'll be lots for you to see in the next few weeks :)

  3. Ohhh I love Chocolate and beetroot muffins!! Yum!
    Great meal plan :)

    1. Have just made and posted a new chocolate and beetroot recipe with added quinoa! Just as delicious and even better for you :)

      Thanks for visiting.

  4. Choc and beetroot! I've got to try that! Sounds like a really tasty week.

    Congratulations on your clear result. I bet your little guy was so happy after his imposed abstinence!

    Have a fab week :)

    1. Choc and beetroot is a fab combo. Have added a link to a new recipe.

      My boy was indeed very happy to be reunited with his milk!

  5. I love that you've shared the "reflective" stuff - it's so nice when MPM posts are chatty. I am so happy you got the all clear. You are also just lovely and your friend is very lucky to have you.

    Delicious meals as always - mouth is watering here! Have a great week x

    PS - in answer to your geocaching query, it's basically an online treasure hunt. Great fun! Google it! x

    1. Thank you for the lovely message :)

      I now understand geocaching, I like the sound of it but am horribly low tech with my phone...