Monday, 25 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday (25 February 2013)

When I looked in the fridge this morning I was astonished to see quite a bit of food. I didn't think I'd done that much cooking recently, but there were pots of leftovers all over the place. The next two days are easily taken care of.

It got me thinking, too, about what the contents of our fridge said about what we'd been up to. Eccentric thought, perhaps. I might be guilty of being a little brain dead today and that's about all I was capable of! Still, let's play it out shall we?

Leftover 1: soup. Vegetable & lentil. Cooked yesterday so our little boy could have a nutritious and delicious supper. Quite tasty, but he didn't eat it. Typical.

Leftover 2: bean chilli. Very tasty but not actually hot at all on account of the boy being off chilli right now as I couldn't be doing with cooking two different meals on Saturday. Still, everyone enjoyed it, though it did make one too many rice based meals in a row which always make my husband twitchy. He's a potato man really. Preferably two types in one meal, which I never do, so he's permanently disappointed.

Leftover 3: dhal. I'm never really happy unless there is some kind of curry leftover in the fridge. It's a comfort thing, since it makes a grand meal any time of day. Yesterday I even had curry for brunch. I must do that more often.

Leftover 4 & 5: roasted butternut squash and sweet potato. Leftovers from an experiment I am conducting to see whether chocolate muffins made with either of those vegetables can match chocolate muffins made with beetroot, which I can't always get in these wastelands of vegetable-ness.  Said muffins are now tucked away in a box and I will publish the results of this exciting experiment in the next couple of days.

Leftover 6: mushroom risotto. Smaller amount than expected due to us and the friends we had round to dinner being utter pigs in clover with this delicious dish. A happy dinner all round.

Now, what did that achieve? Not a lot really but I found it quite amusing.

So, once we've motored our way through those leftovers here's the plant-based plan for the rest of the week.

Bean & Sausage Casserole
Using our newly discovered homemade vegan sausages 
(tweeking recipe before I post it)

Potato, mushroom & spinach curry with (more) dhal & (more) rice

I didn't get round to this last week so my freezer is still sadly bare

(I'll be pushing the boat out and trying to make it without butter. Really, yes!)

Doesn't seem like much, but those leftovers will go a long way. There'll probably be more soup and sandwiches.

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